Player Development For Youth, High School and College Baseball


High School Hitting

The Advanced High School Hitting program is designed for dedicated athletes looking to play at the next level.

We use the latest technology (Rapsodo, Blast Motion, slow motion video analysis, etc.) and have a data driven approach to our training. This allows our instructors to develop & monitor the best plan for each individual athlete.

Using the latest technology allows each athlete to track their progress throughout the year. Hitting sessions are one hour in a small group environment.

College Hitting

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Sports Performance

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Youth Catching

Ages 13 to 14

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Youth Program

The Youth Program is designed for players age 13 and up.

We focus on setting a foundation in the weight room and baseball skill development that helps develop proper technique, strength development, 

The program utilizes the latest technology (Hitting Rapsodo, Blast Motion, etc) to help each athlete train in a competitive environment.

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